GEMS keeps Performance as paramount in league with an energetic, innovative work culture by creating a synergized link wherein principals and employees are our stakeholders in building an atmosphere of transparency, trust and collaboration that is forever evolving.

Our corporate doctrine of “U–First’ is our belief of keeping individuals before organizational   imperatives and our HR Department always values its Internal Reference Program from where a significant percentage of new recruits join us to create a family like atmosphere of sharing, collaboration and connectivity, building an effective team driven by performance.

As a data driven organization we have extensive systems to measure performance of all the functions and individuals across levels. Any extra effort put forward towards customer satisfaction is quickly measured and rewarded with incentives, recognition and growth opportunities.

Everyone in GEMS – from new recruits to the CEO to departments – has measurable performance objectives that based at par. Excepting salaries, which vary with experience, all other criteria that determine incentives are uniformly applied.

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